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La Esquina 1936



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Inspired by horse's saddle, this croco leather micro mini skirt has hours of manual work with the centuries-old technique: sogueria criolla. The seams in tiento de potro (strips of rawhide of different widths and thicknesses depending on the seam) are cut with a knife, reduced in thickness with glass, and deflected (octagonal) by 45° with a knife.  Each seam and embroidery was meticulously made by the award-winning artist Jeronimo Coll. 

The way in which the ring is taken is a reference to a fundamental part of the Apero Criollo, the "encimera", which, together with the "cincha", and united with the rings by means of the "correón" fulfill the "horse girth" function to hold. 

These experimental pieces are made to order and belong to a collaboration where two disciplines such as the Argentine artisan tradition with contemporary ready-to-wear are renewed. 

Specialized leather cleaning

Lucia is 5'10 and wears size Small

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