"In the future, the role of the artisan will be more important than ever. The designer has emerged as a critical intermediary, whose function, ideally, is to bridge the communication gap between the rural artisan and the urban customer." -Marshall McLuhan

Esquina Esquina is a ready-to-wear brand and a vibrant platform for collaborations. We ask ourselves often: what would be the offspring of Paris Hilton and an Argentine Gaucho? Skillfully deconstructing Argentine material and symbolic heritage with a kitsch and humorous touch. Unlike the equestrian tradition of Hermes, Esquina Esquina positions itself as their rebellious, underfunded southern cousin, repeating that not everything that shines are swarovski crystals.

The brand intricately balances the redefinition and preservation of Argentina's artisanal heritage coming to meet a nostalgic nod to the pop culture of a generation raised amid the intoxicating vanilla splash of Victoria's Secret all while witnessing their currency devalue before their eyes. Resulting in what we define as a hot-Couture neo-criollo for export

Esquina Esquina is driven by a multidisciplinary Latin design team based in Buenos Aires, led by Beto Romano and Josefina Roveta. Each season, they immerse themselves in valuing the artisanal knowledge of the country, integrating one artisan per season into their collections at a productive and creative level. In the collection, traditional Argentine materials and techniques coalesce with high-end textiles, offering an intertextual renewal.