Esquina Esquina is a hot-couture neo-criollo rtw brand designed in Buenos Aires for gaucho dandys & "arrabalera"(how Tangueros would say hood) princesses.

Craftsmanship forms the heartbeat of our brand. We interpret the argentine national heritage putting the spotlight on our collaborators—the custodians of decades-old material and immaterial knowledge, our national artisans. We actively engage with indigenous, rural, and contemporary artisans, fostering horizontal collaborations that evolve into true dialogues with a fresh perspective, steering clear of stereotypes.

We integrate these traditions into everyday garments, ensuring they remain vibrant and relevant, we want them to come alive restudying their use and functionalities and not be forgotten in history books or museums.

Esquina Esquina is composed of a multidisciplinary design team trained at the Institut Francais de la Mode(IFM) in Paris with experience in Dior and Nina Ricci.