Esquina Esquina collaborates with masters of traditional crafts of our country in order to generate a horizontal dialogue that brings them to contemporaneity.

In this quest to reformulate the imaginary of heritage, we invited Valentín Demarco, originally from rural Olavarría.

Combining his traditional silversmith training with a contemporary critical perspective, Demarco's work challenges established norms and cultural hierarchies. Silversmith(Plateria criolla) is one of the most traditional and recognized crafts of Argentina, yet its always done in a very conservative and traditionalist approach.

Valentin explores the connection between 19th-century rural heritage and contemporary queer culture, his playful art is manifested in this collaboration through hand-embossed bronze thongs, bras and apliques inspired by traditional horse gear shaped like stirrups. These pieces sensually incorporate typical Olavarría ornamentation.