Master saddler and 'soguero criollo' Jerónimo Coll, who inherited his trade from his father, brings his carefully guarded repertoire from his workshop in rural Tandil. He helped us convert a saddle into a micro-mini skirt.

Painstakingly executed, he integrates elements from traditional criollo sogueria, such as braids used in cattle herding lassos. These braids were embroidered on velvet dresses. The meticulous technique involves refining each leather 'tiento' with a knife millimeter by millimeter, enabling precise stitching and ornamentation.

Coll generously taught us the more than 500 braid or stitching styles that can be used while doing "sogueria criolla", which is the most ancient artisanal art of Argentina and Uruguay dating more than 4 centuries old.

The collaboration between Esquina and Jerónimo Coll not only seeks to give prominence to the artisan and his technique, but also to give a new life to craftsmanship, approaching the local and international consumer with a contemporary and irreverent vision. This traditional techniques coming from Gaucho( argentinean cowboys) culture turn into fashion garments and accessories.

The collaboration with Jerónimo Coll is an example of how the interweaving of the traditional and the contemporary can give rise to unique and original pieces that represent the culture and history of a country, but that allow a dialogue that updates their technique, aesthetics and use. Irreverence and humor are two elements that accompany this proposal, generating pieces for gaucho dandys.