Esquina Esquina emphasizes a responsible and ethical production process that seeks to create timeless pieces that will be able to be transmitted from generation to generation, becoming vintage pieces of the future.

Our design team works has been trained at the prestigeous Institut Francais de la Mode (IFM) in Paris. It is composed of Josefina Roveta and Beto Romano who interpret the national heritage without solemnity and with irreverence.

However, the protagonists of our collections are our collaborators, who have been preserving the material and immaterial knowledge of the country for decades: the national artisans.

We seek to approach these collaborations with indigenous and rural communities, or with contemporary artisans and artists to bring their techniques and knowledge. These creations are approached horizontally as a true dialogue where both parties benefit and learn new things, and the artisan is not seen as an invisible supplier, but as the protector of a craft in a true dynamic of co-creation.


We work with high quality Italian fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, leather or innovative technical fabrics obtained from dead stock.

Working with dead stock fabrics is an environmentally friendly practice because it reduces the amount of textile waste in the environment. Instead of producing new fabrics, which require a large amount of natural resources, we use the highest quality fabrics that already exist in the luxury apparel market but have not been used. These fabrics may be from past seasons or may have been left over from previous productions.

But what sets us apart is that we not only focus on offering high quality textiles, but we also strive to combine them with traditional Argentinean craftsmanship. Therefore, we work with Argentine artisans to intervene these textiles with native techniques of historical value, creating unique garments that merge fashion and craftsmanship.

This encounter between craftsmanship and fashion is an important part of our philosophy of preserving the artisanal techniques that are part of our history.

Our entire production process is carried out in our in-house atelier or with our collaborating artisans in different regions of the country.